2013: Official Results for the 8th Annual G.A.R.
17 teams

1st Place & Largest Fish ever weighed in 151.6 Caught by "Gatar-loo"  Jimmy Burns, Steve and Michael Urban and Carson
Marek.  They also won first place with a record 2 fish total of 219.55

2nd Place went to "
Gar-easy" Brett Philips James “Nub” Cunningham and Coastal Homebuilders Nick Lutz with a 2 fish total of
177.10  Their big fish weighed 138.95

3rd Place went to last years tournament and big fish winner (141.9) "
Gar-ed Up" Robbie Sanders Mark Robinson Bobby
Lambright and Kristy Rigamonti.  Their 2 fish catch was 154.90 with another 118.20 fish.

2012:  Results for the 7th Annual G.A.R.
19 teams participated.

1st place went to Team Hardheads, Robert Sanders, Bobby Lambright,Mike Crane and Billy Murphy  with a record 2 fish total
of 206.2 lbs.  
Big gar of 141.9 lbs measuring 83 and 5/8 inches!!

2nd place to the Gar-Minators, Jimmy Lloyd, Lil' Jeff Steckler, Adam Nesloney and Albert Mills with a 2 fish total of 130.3 lbs

3rd place to the Soggy Bottom Boys, Kyle Enochs Darrell Schiemenz and Spencer Irwin with a 2 fish total 123lbs.

2011:  A record field of 23 boats!!  2 Gar over 100 lbs weighed in!

A tournament record 78 inch 112.2 lb fish caught by the team of Derek Gerloff, Justin Titus, Jason Belz, and  Zach Zigmond

1st Place went to Brian Holden, Opie Callum, Cody Kubicek and Scott Isbel with 2 fish 83.3lb and 79.1lb for a total of 162.4lb

2nd Place went to Marty Stakos, Robert Sanders, James Cunningham and Mike Crane with 2 fish 77.2 and 72.3 for a total of

3rd place went to Michael Urban, Steve Urban, Caron Marek and Jimmy Burns with 2 fish 103.7 and 31.7 for a total of 135.4

2010:  14 Teams Competed

1st Place went to Capt. Danny Adams, Jr., Mickey Miller, Russ Sabulatura and Adrian Zuniga with a 2-fish weigh of 168.2
pounds...also won the "Big Gar" division with an 88.3 pounder!

2nd Place went to Brad Smythe, Ryan Waggoner, Butch Waggoner and Mark "Whittey" Williams with a 2-fish weigh of 127.7

2009:  9 Teams Competed

1st Place went to Danny Adams Sr, Blake Murhead, Philip Durst and Mr. Garza  with a total weight of 140.5 lbs and the "Big
Gar" weighing 79.0lbs

2nd Place was Adam Neslony, "Little" Jeff Steckler and Albert Mills with a weight of 136.5lbs

2008:  7 teams went toe-to-toe.

We had our first ever re-weigh as 1st .1oz separated 1st and 2nd!!

1st Place was "Big" Jeff Steckler, "Little" Jeff Steckler, Kurt Thomas and Denis Kopp.   with a 2 fish limit and 86.1lbs

2nd Place was Brad Smythe Ryan WaggonerButch Waggoner and Mark Williams with a 2 fish limit of 86.0 lbs  They also had
the "Big Gar" 58.4 lbs

2007:  11 teams of 4 competed

1st Place  went to Philip Durst, Raggy Loyand i am not sure who the other 2 guys on his team were.  They weighed in the
standing record 2 fish limit and "BIG" Gar this year.  A total wieght of 171.4 lbs Big gar was 92.6lbs

2nd Place was Brad Smythe, Ryan Waggoner, Butch, Waggoner and Mark Williams with a 2 fish limit total weight 131.8 lbs

2006:  First Annual GAR tournament had 10 teams compete.

1st Place was Team Bull Drunks...Higdon Compton, Taggart Mills, Lisa Bradley and Christina "C-Tina" Garcia.  Their 2 fish
limit weighed 116 lbs with they also had the "Big Gar" weighing 84.4 lbs

2nd Place went to Brad Smythe, Ryan Waggoner, Mark Williams and Kevin "Opie" Callum. A  2 fish limit total weight 81.9lbs

3rd Place was Tommy Ramzinsky, Danny Adams, Russ Sablatura and Adrian Zuniga with 1 fish weighing 61.9lbs
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Capt. James Fox
with 141 Pounder!!
11th Annual 2016
11 Teams

1st place Gar Balls
Ryan Waggoner
Butch Waggoner
Mark Williams
Tommy Ramzinsky

2 fish  total 125.55

1st fish 58.55

2nd fish 67.00

2nd Place Gator-loo
Jimmy Burns
Carson Marek
Steve Urban
Michael Urban

2 fish total 119.70

1st fish 82.00

2nd fish 37.70

3rd Place Jig with the Nig
Phillip Durst
Danny Adams, Sr.
Elton Hudson
Mark Hudson

2 fish total  84.00

1st fish 35.70

2nd fish 48.30

Big GAR caught by Gator-loo
82.00 74 and 3/8 inches
Team Hardheads'
191.35 POUNDER!

10th Annual 2015

1st Place
Team Hardheads

Their second win in
this prestigious event!

Robert Sanders
Bobby Lambright
Leigh Ann Stumfoil
Kelli Housworth

2 fish total weight of
200.95  Big GAR and
pending saltwater state
record 191.35 lbs  with
95.5 inches in length

2nd Place to Gator-loo
Jimmy Burns
Carson Marek
Michael Urban
Steve Urban
2 fish total weight of 116.15

3rd Place to GARzila
Danny Adams Jr
Mickey Miller
Daryl Walters
“Wild” Bill Ivey
2 fish total weight 114.60

9th Annual
1st Place


Jeff Steckler
Adam Nesloney
Albert Mills

2-Fish Total - 160.55
Big Gar 127.30

2nd Place


Todd Adams
John Johnson
Brandon Hubert
Tami Noling

2-Fish Total - 139.15

3rd Place


Brett Phillips
James Cunningham

2-Fish Total - 93.55